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los angeles tell me about that time

The Ace Hotel Los Angeles rooftop
To begin this new 2015 series "Tell me about that time you...", I wanted to focus on warmer and greener pastures. My dear friend and co-founder of Rawson, Jeannette Lee, has lived in L.A. for six months now and I wanted to check in and see how it was going. She has THE BEST taste and is one of the most curious and kind people that I know. 
What have been the most inspirational spaces for you? 
I've been inspired by amazing restaurants I've been to. LA really knows how to mix food, art, space and good vibes, but I guess that's easy to do when the weather is almost always perfect. My favorite so far have been the rooftops at the Ace Hotel and Commissary (at the Line Hotel) and Gracias Madre. My goal is to check out more coffee joints/cafes because I've seen some really amazing photos on Instagram. 
    The Line Hotel in Koreatown    
What is one thing you have incorporated into your style from L.A.? (trend, scent, idea/way of thinking?)
J: Good hair! There's no excuse not to have fresh locks. I always used Chicago's sh--ty weather as an excuse not to care, but I've been having fun experimenting with waves, braids, updos. etc! 
Your Go-To Uniform out there:
I've always stuck with basics even when I was in Chicago but LA has taught me to value QUALITY basics.
1. So, I always start with a good pair of denim like my 501s or Frame Denim.
2. Then I usually keep it simple with an over-sized tee or sweater.
3. As for shoes, I've been reaching for my Marais Beatle boots (for the winter). During the summer, it was always my Birks. 
Best drink or cocktail you've had?
Hands down the cocktails at the Commissary. They don't have any fancy names. Just 'Blueberry Cocktail', 'White Peach Cocktail'... you get the point. I spent my birthday here and you can say I had more than a great time! 
Commissary at the Line Hotel
Meal tidbits/ interesting appetizers/ food combos: 
I've probably eaten at more hole-in-the-wall joints than fancy fare. LA is known for their food trucks so I've had some amazing fusion foods like Korean tacos from the Gogi Truck, Ramen Burger, etc. 
Best California sunset?
Hands down Pacific Palisades. 
Favorite neighborhood for _____? 
Silverlake for shopping.
Santa Monica/Venice for people watching. 
Hollywood Hills for hikes. 
Echo Park/Los Feliz for brunch. 
Similarities to Chicago?
Great people! There are stereotypes of the people here, but I've only encountered the kindest. 

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